Monday, November 24, 2008

we are moving.....

Well, it looks like our little family will be moving to Denver Colorado. Curt got the job and the pay that hecould not say no to. So once our house sells, away we go. Moving our family to Denver. Now, if we could just sell this house. Thankfully the new job has allowed him to work from here until the house sells. So farwell will soon be upon us. Goodbye Oregon.

We are really excited for this new challenge and adventure. I have always been a wild spirit and ready for change at any time. Curt on the other hand does not like change AT ALL. So I was supprised when he told me he was excited to go. I think this will be good for us and exciting. We will be able to make more friends and get a bigger house. And start a life that wee can hoipefully put some roots down and stick around a while.

So pray that our house sells and that things keep on moving for us. We are looking forward to it.

cutie pie

He is growing so fast. He is such a sweet boy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

little miss is 9 months

What a sweet little baby that we have. I honestly can not get enough of this little girl. Why can't they stay little. I love this age.